My top six Podcasts for life enhancement

Podcasts aren't exactly a new technology, but they've more recently gained massive traction. In my own opinion, podcasts are proof of two things: it takes time to truly saturate a market and also that history absolutely repeats itself. Aren't podcasts basically just AM radio? I digress...

I got into podcasts the way a lot of my friends did, I got hopelessly addicted to the series Serial. Ya know, the one about Adnan and the murder mystery? The podcasts I've chosen aren't exactly for entertainment, they're for making life better. 

They're for experimentation and exploration of tactics to take care of yourself and make your life better, but also the (often very obvious) things that we can do as a people to make life as a whole better, for the human race. 

I haven't chosen a group of podcasts by tree huggers, damning you for trashing plastic, but rather brilliant people who have found out or continue to find out what makes successful people and how they add to the progression of society.

So without further adieu, here are my top podcast picks for people who are interested in making life better (in no order).

  1. Bulletproof Radio — Some things get pretty wacky, but overall it's super helpful in improving several facets of your health. The host thinks he's going to live to 140 or something, which is cool, but they do a good job of breaking down complex scientific ~stuff~ in a way that generally intelligent people would understand, even if they don't have a scientific background.
  2. The Tim Ferriss Show — Tim interviews the heaviest hitters in all industries to help break down their success and scale it so that anyone can be healthier, wealthier and wiser. 
  3. Joe Rogan Experience — Proceed with caution. Joe likes to hear himself talk so they tend to be pretty longwinded but if you aren't bothered by "bad" language and macho-talk, this is probably one of my current favorites. Joe is extremely well informed, doesn't try to know things he doesn't know and (in my opinion) is an excellent interviewer and conversationalist. 
  4. The GaryVee Audio Experience — This is an example of repurposing content and making it worthwhile. It's mostly keynotes and conversations from Gary Vaynerchuk helping people with personal and business motivation as well as hands-on, tactical business advice.
  5. NPR How to do Everything (Among others, Fresh Air, TED, Politics etc.) — I'd be remiss not to mention NPR podcasts here. There are so many. The How to do Everything and How I Built This series are two of my favorites because they teach you how to do new things and give real examples of people doing awesome things. My life is significantly happier when I'm learning something new. 
  6. The Tony Robbins Podcast — It took me awhile to get used to Tony's voice, but this podcast is life changing. From tips to help achieve lofty business goals, improve your relationships and finances, it covers a lot. 

Surely there are more out there that I don't know about. What life-enhancing podcasts do you enjoy?