The Beauty of Constructive Disruption

Perhaps one of the most tragic things that I see daily is watching people that are run by routines. Don't get me wrong, consistency is good, but the mentality of doing something for the sole fact that it's the way you've always done it is more of a rut than routine. 

Leather watch bands are meant to be broken in so they become more comfortable on your wrist. Neither life nor good business are best when comfortable. Whether it's a meeting at work or the decision to turn left or right, thinking of the mundane in a new way will transcend into every part of your life, allowing you to innovate constantly. From the route in which you decide to take to work every day to challenging the entire strategy behind a company, nothing is safe. 

The society that we live in is faster paced than ever before. We scroll and we scroll through newsfeed after newsfeed, getting the exact content that the digital Gods (cookies) 'know' we want to see. Everything that is and has ever been is at our fingertips at all times, packaged conveniently in a "space grey" touch screen tin can that fits nicely in a pair of loose fitting jeans. Facebook pushes new code, updating some part of their platform on average twice per day. The very thing billions know and love is constantly changing for better or for worse.

Apple is another great example of constructive disruption. They've single handedly transformed at least two industries: advertising and technology. Whether you agree with moving to a single port on the new MacBook or not, Apple did it. Might as well toss up the middle finger to everything we've ever known while we're at it and try to convince me that fruit snacks aren't the best thing ever. Sure, Apple may be ahead of their time getting rid of the USB and HDMI ports, but they're still choosing to think differently (convenient plug) and blow the classical music out of everyones' butt.

If you're trying to get a job, live a more exciting life or change the company you work at any level, I implore anyone and everyone not to live in fear but in excitement.

Don't get comfortable, innovate.