Jacht Takes on the Gopher State

For most students, fall break is a long-awaited four day hiatus from anything school related after spending the previous week slaving over assignments and studying for midterms.

Jacht students, however, take these days off as an opportunity to spend time learning about why they’re in school and making connections to be successful after college. Our crew packed into a handful of rental cars to caravan to the land of 10,000 lakes. For two packed days, Jachters sat in modern desk chairs fit for a Pinterest board around contemporary conference tables in 29th floor meeting rooms to learn about Minnesota’s best agencies. Over two days, Jacht visited five advertising agencies. From account executives to graphic designers and copywriters, employees of these companies took time out of their day to give us guidance and map out their journey to success. We learned what makes these niche agencies different from one another and what it takes to break our way into the industry.

The overarching motive behind each meeting with a new agency had two parts: How can we make Jacht better? and How can I make myself better? Each of us wants to progress the success of Jacht during our collegiate years, aggregating the various tips to align parts of our agency with the real professionals. In the same light, it is vital that each of us learn as much as possible from the employees of these companies to align our own journeys and values with what these companies are looking for in who they hire. We received tips on how to better our clients to student relations to improve our portfolios. And tips on creating a more effective account process when working with clients and how to really “wow” potential employers during an interview process. It’s hard not to get caught up in the casually dressed hustle and bustle, but much was taught and much was learned in these two potent days.

Aside from all the modern interior design and free beer to be had in advertising, we learned that grades might be of value, but experience is vital. The trip served as a humbling reminder that the journey to Mad Men-sized success doesn’t start or end with a bachelor’s degree, but delves into the realms of portfolio schools, post-grad internships, and not just what your resume says, but what you’re really capable of when the pen hits the paper. I think I speak for everyone on the trip when I say that these tours stirred a sense of urgency in our professional careers after hearing from other millennials, who are recent graduates and also employed at the very companies we trekked out to visit. The realization was that success in this industry comes along with a lot of hard work outside of mandatory pre-requisites and 400-level advertising classes.

After reflecting on the trip, I realized that Minneapolis has stolen my heart. It’s a city with the feel of New York when you’re downtown, yet the feel of Nebraska just a few miles outside the city. The people of the city were as nice to us as the weather was– yes, the Minnesota tundra held off– and I think we all fell a little in love with the perfection that is Dinkytown. In conclusion, I would like to thank the agencies that we visited on behalf of Jacht for letting us be another task on their Google Calendar, and providing us with an experience that gave us a live look-in of what real ad life is like. Colle + McVoyOlsonMartin WilliamsBBDO, and Campbell Mithun, thank you for your hospitality and don’t be surprised if you see our portfolios in your circulation.


Originally published via Jachtadlab.tumblr.com