Business development

At Nonprofit Hub, I'm a bit of a utility-man. I'm willing and able to do literally everything no matter how high or low level. One of the roles I took was doing business development behind creating a new revenue stream for our company and brand new job title of 'Sponsorship Guru.'

I create strategic relationships with corporations to help achieve our mission through financial support. I love Nonprofit Hub, so I was more than willing to dedicate my time to creating a position to help us be better than we could imagine... and to help keep the lights on. 


  1. Develop the strategy behind selling Nonprofit Hub advertisements and sponsorships.
  2. Create a kit for a Sponsorship Guru position, including job description, on-boarding process and actual execution of the new position. 
  3. Strategize drip campaigns, execute the graphic design copy for direct mail, landing pages and other campaign materials, curate a book of clients and monetize free Nonprofit Hub's free content while not jeopardizing editorial integrity. 
  4. Acting Project Manager for jobs and executions which spawned from our sponsorship strategy.
  5. Hire and manage remote team to take over sponsorship sales.


200+ companies contacted   |   50+ relationships created   |   $200,000+ raised in <9 Months