editorial serives

With a strong background in copywriting, blog content creation and editing, I can fulfill all of your companies needs when it comes to writing. Projects are billable at $150 per article with three rounds of edits, $50/hour for short form copy and $75/hour for editorial. 


Short Form

An avid poetry-writer, short form ad copy is the name of my game. Whether it's a tagline, banner ad or text ad, I can fully bake any half-baked idea to make it sensational. 

Long form

A published author on several websites, I'm no stranger to creating blog-style content. I've also concepted, written and produced webinars, online classes, podcasts, magazines, website copy and more. 

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Editorial servies

Sometimes it's easier to write the copy for yourself. Whether it's an article, email, tagline or anything in between, you can count on me to be a second set of eyes to not only make sure your strategy is on point from a 30,000 foot view, but also ensuring grammar and spelling are in check and wording is set up to convert. 

Want to learn more? Drop me a line. 

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